What to Look for When Buying Quality Shoes


Feet do a lot of work carrying the human body from place to place. Good quality shoes, therefore, are one of the best wardrobe investments you can make. Quality shoes not only look good, they fit better and last longer than cheaply made shoes. In many cases, you will recoup the extra cost of quality shoes because they last so much longer than cheaper pairs. When you are shoe shopping, noting a few aspects can help you determine quality.

When a shoe label claims “all leather” or “leather upper” this does not mean the leather is high quality. Manufacturers may cut cost by using cheap leather and applying dyes to hide flaws. Unfortunately, the imperfections may show eventually. For the best quality of leather shoes, choose those made from full-grain leather or thick suede.

For shoes of other materials, inspect the material for thickness. Thin material tears more easily.

The sole is typically the first area to wear off and it should be well constructed. Quality dress shoes have leather soles. Casual shoes typically have soles made of rubber or manmade materials. For casual shoes, the important aspect to consider is the construction of the tread. Thicker tread takes longer to wear down. For sports and similar activities, the sole should provide good grip and cushion impact, especially at the toe and heel.

For soles of leather and other materials, look for those that are stitched on and not simply glued to the shoe. Even when high-quality glue is used, in time it can wear down and allow the sole to come loose. Be aware that sometimes shoes are designed to appear as if the sole is stitched to the sole but the stitches are for appearance only. If the shoe description does not specifically mention that the sole is stitched on, ask the manufacturer whether it is.

Stitching is an important feature because the stitches literally hold the shoe together. If the stitching is poor quality, the shoes may pull apart at the seams. Look for tight, even stitches on the shoes.

Arch Support
Most quality shoes have some degree of arch support. The interior of the shoe should cradle the foot in a way that feels natural. While you can purchase special shoe inserts to amend the shoe, well-made shoes should comfortably fit the average foot. This is especially important for athletic shoes or walking shoes.

Eyelets are a potential weak point on an otherwise good shoe. Without properly fitted rivets, eyelets can tear over time. The rivets protect the eyelet from the sawing and pulling motion of the shoelaces. Check the rivets carefully. Make sure they are fully set into the eyelet by checking both the exterior and interior of the shoe. Rivets should fit tightly against the material.

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