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Sometimes it's those simple defining pieces that make you different. You got to have the proper accessories to add that special uniqueness to your look. Simple defining pieces that you can create a fashion statement or reflect an image you want to create with them.
Take your pick: Ties, Pocket squares, Cufflinks and Tie bars

These you can get on TIE SOCIETY, on tie society you spend less to get that awesome tie and other accessories that you need. It works like the Netflix disc rental except it’s ties, unique designer ties that carries superiority and formal characteristics.

How it works
Choose the items you want-  You get to choose unique designer ties from top brands like Ben Sherman, Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger, etc,
•    Classic and simple patterns like paisley, herringbone, plaid/tartan etc.
•    Ties made from high quality cotton, linen, wool and silk material.
•    You also get to choose tie widths that are proportion to your body type, dress shirt or based on your personal style preference.
•    Variety of colours to choose from. You get to choose colours that you think can stand for what you represent or stand for.

Wear them as long as you like and exchange them whenever you like! Your items get delivered to you within 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS. No shipping charges both ways and unlimited exchanges.

As said earlier, it does not apply to ties only, it extends to pocket squares, tie bars and cufflinks. With tie society, you get the resources you need to create a wow-expression at the lowest cost.

Instead of spending way too much on ties, cufflinks, pocket squares and tie bars, why don’t you just think ahead and join http://www.tiesociety.com. You can get a 50% discount on any item you choose with this code: TSTRIAL3

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  1. Thanks for the great article! Anyone interested in trying our service out firsthand should enter the discount code listed above (TSTRIAL3) over on our registration page. www.tiesociety.com/registration

  2. Thanks for the comment jake. Follow the link above to register on tie society!