The Three Piece Suit: It’s Secret


When it comes to the three piece suit, it obviously mean a set of garment made from the same cloth consisting of the jacket, trouser and waistcoat (aka vest). The likes of Justin Timberlake, Roger Sterling of ‘Mad Men’ comes to mind when you hear people talk about the mastery of three piece suit.
Want to pull of that look? The secret lies in the waistcoat. The smallest piece of attire in this masterpiece does a lot of goodness for the set of attire if you want to turn heads.

First of all, FIT. It should not be too tight or loose. You need it to contour your body and closely fitted but still give you room to breathe.

LENGTH, it should hit your waistband or belt and your tie should not be hanging out below.

NECKLINE, The neckline of the waistcoat should compliment that of your jacket. The purpose of wearing a waistcoat in a three piece suit is defeated when you button your jacket and the waistcoat completely disappears. You need to let people know that you are wearing a three piece suit if you are wearing one, whether your jacket is buttoned or not.

On the issue of button, you can decide not to close the bottom button of your waistcoat and also never wear it unbuttoned.

Finally, the PANTS and JACKET should be a perfect fit too. We don’t want see a sagging layered look.

I know you are still wondering, how can the waistcoat in a three piece suit add or compliment your look. Ever been worried if your shirt is properly tucked in or that ‘ballooning’ look at the waist? LOL Yeah, am sure you have. With a perfect fit waistcoat, it has a trimming effect and you don’t have to worry about your shirt.

If you have a big belly, it can do you lil good but won’t hide completely. Hit the gym if its becoming an issue.

Finally, it helps to keep your tie in place. You worry less about your tie on a windy day if you are wearing a three piece suit. It removes the need for a tie clip completely.

Never mix a waistcoat from another suit. It is allowable to mix a waistcoat with a blazer and jeans or chinos but with a three piece suit? Big NO.
Tie is a necessity with a formal shoe..... no boat shoes!

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