Designers have always pulled together past trends and pieces chucking in modern twists on old school styles, the fashion industry often creates trends that stay in touch with past heritage but cling on to modern preferences in shape, style and colour.
In recent years both the Aztec and Ship Wreck ‘looks’ have been resurfacing year on year providing simplistic pieces and pattern to the modern metrosexual. So why are we drawn to these historic main stream pieces

The Ancient Aztecs
Rich in variety the 14th century Aztecs resided around Mexico, the empire was rich in variety and clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body.
Aztec clothes were generally made of imported cotton, they were able to make use of a beautiful array of dyes, creating the brilliant colours and patterns still widely seen in Mexico today. High-street retailers have honoured the tradition with prints that are both colourful and pattern based, most recently used to vamp up the Onesie. 
Most of the modern colours and patterns have been drawn from the noble and religious figures of the time. The clothing of the upper class was more adorned and often littered with symbols of their affiliations, the more prestigious clothing became brightly coloured. Gold was often used in clothing, and pendants, feathers, furs, and other forms of decoration were used to portray wealth and beliefs. 

The Men’s Aztec trend on the high-street still holds the traditional features from the native people. Intrinsic patterns, notable colours and symbols are placed within many collections, t-shirts and jumpers have notably been influenced by the style in recent years since 2009.  Refusing to be tucked away the Aztec patterns have given the chance for us to step away from the norm and the usual white graphic t’s that have graced the our wardrobes for far too long.

The shipwrecked style draws inspiration from the naval uniforms of past and present with general beachwear chucked into the mix. The trend that is bringing back effortless fashion for men brings cool blues a whites into focus to produce a simple relaxed look. Shipwrecked clothes have found their way onto the high-street, loose and lightweight fashion made affordable. Anyone can dive into the trend, I think that’s why it has become so big online, if Captain Jack Sparrow was real and he was in Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon walking with the misses this is what he would want to wear.

Effortless fashion, the city shipwrecked look can provide a man’s wardrobe with a weekend piece that is easy to adapt as the accessories you have with it.  The base of the look starts with either a light coloured vest or a white or blue vertical striped T, add sand coloured Camel Trousers or stone mixed Chinos with sea blue or ghost white pumps to create the look. 
If you want to get ahead of the game and dive into a new trend this season why not consider grey on grey:
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