Jacket Sleeve: Is Your Shirt Cuff Showing?


To me, showing your shirt cuff is a good sign of tailoring and someone who knows how to wear his clothes properly. Sleeve length seems like a minor issue because most of us are concerned more with the cost or label of the shirt and suit but minor details in fashion are always the most important if you want to look your best.

How should you determine the proper length of your suit sleeve? About a half to one inch of shirt cuff should show below your jacket sleeve/cuff. If you have the time and money, you can ask your tailor to adjust the sleeves of your jacket to show your shirt sleeve. As I said in the last post, you need to be vocal when it comes to explaining what you want with your tailor.

We do forget that our watches do affect the fit.  Choose a watch that is appropriate for that occasion and cuff style.

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