Men's Wardrobe Staples

Gone are the days when fashion trends were applicable to women. Gone are the days when men’s fashion is considered stodgy and old compared to women’s clothing. It is now an essential skill for any man to know how to dress, not just putting on a shirt and a pant but also mixing colours, buying interchangeably clothes etc. There are some essential men’s cloth range you MUST have… if not all but 70 percent of the list below.
Solid colour jeans
Original blue jeans is one of most versatile pieces of clothing you must have. Am sure practically all men have this in their wardrobe but the difference is the quality and fit. Dark denims are awesome too.

White Button-Up Shirt
A crisp white shirt seems like a no-brainer but it always gets passed over for more colourful designs. It is a classic in the men’s wardrobe; if you can take care of it properly then other pieces in your wardrobe are safe.

Black suits are classic and very formal, no doubt but why not skip the conventional black and go for elegant gray version, pick one that has an exact tailored shape.

Dress Shoe
Go for something that is handsomely craft with a quiet authority. No logos, just perfect for your feet. If your day to day activities don’t allow you wear them, you will surely need them when going for a formal event.

Matching Belt
You need this to tally/match with your shoes. Go for quality leather belt if you are to dress formal.

This… no matter your job you need one for ‘running around’ or for weekends hangout. Designer sneakers have been all the rage for several seasons, make sure you buy one that combine style and street credibility.

Chinos/khaki pants
You can buy this at any point but the difference between you and every other guy on the street should be a well tailored, fitting pair.

This can be paired with almost anything; it lends itself to different style. It is like a wardrobe backbone.

Handsome Watch
Go for a sleek and stylish one. I believe a gold wrist watch are for men over 50.

White T-shirt
Everybody owns one of this; it is also a wardrobe backbone. It can serve as an inner layer on a polo or button up shirt, paired well with a blazer or sport coat and can be worn on its own.

These are great differentiator between you and your suit. A man who likes to blend with the crowd will go for basic black, why not try throw a lil colour into the mix with your socks.

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