Men's Wardrobe: What Is In Yours?

A classic man's wardrobe should include a variety of clothing items depending on the man physical build, resources, professional needs and personal style preferences. First impressions are powerful because until we speak, they are the only bits of information we have to make a snap decision.

It is necessary to take a good hard look at the clothing in your wardrobe and determine what is out of style and what you have matured out of wearing. In tune with your clothing needs, slowly integrate the missing pieces. If its a trasition from school to work, your daily clothing should reflect your entry into the adult world. Once you enter adulthood, certain type and style of dressing are not acceptable....... Meaning no more oversized clothes, fastening your belt because no one wants to see your ass hanging out of your clothes, no more of pants that makes you look like you are wearing a soggy diaper, replace backpacks with messenger bag because its much more stylish and it offers the same convenience.

Purchasing quality is an investment; purchasing quantity is not it. It is better to wear a few well made clothes, shoes, etc that you wear often than a full wardrobe of cheap and poorly fitted clothing. I mean quality pieces that will last you years and can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Quality pieces like Next suits, Next shoes, shirts, bags that have unique characteristics of actually looking better over time when taken good care of.

The key is purchasing interchangable pieces of clothing. Meaning each piece of clothing in your wardrobe matches a large number of complementary items. A blue shirt that matches 6 out of 9 pairs of slack is interchangable. Advantages of having interchangeable clothes in your wardrobe are:

Less clothing in your wardrobe.
Less money spent on clothing.
Less time spent dressing. This means you no longer have to think when you getting dressed. Any combination is going to work because the clothes were purchased with matching in mind.

Final words
Focus on fit and quality. Essentials like grey or black coloured suit, white and blue dress shirt, dark coloured jeans, dress shoes, belts to match the shoes, sneakers, chinos pants, a watch, polo shirts, plain white tees, cologne, v neck sweater and navy blue blazer are important pieces you need if building a manly wardrobe.
Remember quality, fit and interchangeable clothings.
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