Men’s Socks: Creating Fashion Statement With Them

Many of us can name various brands of cloth worn by us but what about that pair of socks beneath that Next pair of chinos you are wearing? Same apply to taking care of them. We pay little attention to them and yet they are central to overall comfort of our feet.  They are small detail that can either serve as an unwelcome distraction or pull your outfit together.
Socks protect your feet from abrasion and wick away our feet perspiration. Apart from the health advantage, believe it or not, socks can be used to create a statement. To make this possible......
Your most important consideration should be the material; Socks are made from silk, wool, cotton or cashmere with cotton being the most common socks material. It is inexpensive, durable and easy to take care. But for ‘sweaty-footy’ men, i will advise you opt for wool socks as it easily wick away moisture from your skin.

You also need to think about how high you want them to climb your legs. If we can see both socks and flesh, am afraid the socks are just too short. Ankle length sock is a no-go-area with your suit, just before the calf is my ideal choice.

Just Before the Calf
Finally is the appearance, What colour is it? Do they match your cloth? Are there holes in them? All these you need to consider if you want to create a fashion statement with them. In my next post on men’s socks, i will talk on the rules guiding them, some that i think is necessary and vice versa.

Remember a bad pair of socks will create a negative impact on your look.
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