Men’s Socks 2: Rules Guiding Them

Remember in my last post, i talked about features you need to consider if you want to create a fashion statement with your socks. Features like the socks material, the socks length and its appearance, which is very important. In this post am going to talk about rules guiding them, some that i think are valid and some not.
Rule NO. 1
Your socks should match one another and no holes or visible stains on them. For those failing to heed this rule is going to be an embarrassing situation when you unexpectedly have to remove your shoes. *wicked grin*

Rule NO. 2
Your socks should match your trousers. I think this rule is perfect only for the professional setting or formal event where you wear neutral coloured socks to match the colour of your trousers. How about i wear a jeans- especially lighter blue jeans, i can’t just wear light blue socks. It just doesn’t work. This is why i don’t fully agree to this rule. However, neutral socks should not only be reserved for formal occasions, as they can still work on casual outfits but fashionable men now wear a complete different socks colour to their trousers. It all depends on how you can pull it. Check David Beckham in the picture below.

Rule NO. 3
The socks length. As said in the last post, if we can see your socks and flesh, its just too short. Just before the calf is my ideal choice and ankle length will simply not do with your suit.

Rule NO. 4
No white socks, White socks are sportwear which i fully agree to. White socks easily get stained and they look too easy on you. We are no more in the Micheal Jackson era, leave them for suckers. Basic colours like black, grey, navy blue can easily complement your existing wardrobe.

Rule NO. 5
Get the textures relatively similar. Am saying don’t wear shiny material socks like silk with a tweed suit.

Rule NO. 6
Don’t match the pattern of your socks to a pattern already in the rest of your look. Because it is said to match your trouser with your socks you went ahead to wear a trousers or pants of the same pattern with the socks, its not done that way you will just look like a masquerade.
You can’t match the pattern of your sock with the rest of your look because It will look overly matched and generally just a bit too much. If you have a heavily patterned outfit already in play, leave the similar patterned socks in your draw.

Rule NO. 7
No wearing of your sandal with socks, I just don’t see how this match or complement. Socks are meant to be worn on cover shoes not sandals. Socks are created to wick out moisture on your feet due to no/minimal air entry when you wear cover shoes like sneakers, dress shoes, boat shoes, etc.

Poor quality socks matched with a high quality cloth and shoes risks weakening the strength of your entire outfit. So give your socks more than afterthought they deserve.
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