Let Your Bracelet Do The Talking

Fashion trend is changing with more and more men around the globe embracing wrist fashion. A usual connotation with regards to bracelets is usually that, only women are accepted to wear it. Men’s bracelets are excellent additions to men’s styling and ought to complement one’s character and fashion.

It is meant to illustrate your fashion taste as well as what kind of message you want to give out. Ask yourself, ‘what kind of message do you want to give out?’, Mr sleek, trendsetter, biker or rocker look? Aside from the watches, bracelets are cool fashion accessories that comes in different style, designs and colours. It now depends on your personal style and unique taste when it comes to choosing.

About to buy one?
Pairing- Bracelets don’t have to be restricted to your watch less wrist. You can pair a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. If you own high end or expensive watches make sure the bracelet justice the quality of your watch.

Colours and materials- This is for those that stack up different bracelets on their wrist. The key is to make sure the materials and colours are balanced. But on your watch wrist... keep it simple with just one bracelet paired with your timepiece.

Pairing with suits- You can break down or relax your rigid corporate dress code with bracelet. Keep it to one or two on a wrist.. one preferably. A pure black onyx bracelet with silver highlights at the edges will be very suitable for formal dresses and suits. Black will negate the shiny colours of silver so you can achieve a proper colour scheme.

Size- Check if the size is a perfect fit for you. Not too tight or loose for your wrist. It is a good thing to check the clasps or links of the bracelets so you can determine if you can wear them on your own.

Take care of them when taking your bath or swimming. Don’t wear too many at once unless you want to create a rocker or biker look.

Final word
Men’s bracelet can help boost one’s self confidence and uplift your image within the eye of the public. Be it gold, brass, silver, leather, rubber, tungsten, beads.... whatever you prefer, it would be best to choose a bracelet that would increase its value overtime. Your skin tone or arm length don’t matter, a bracelet will fit you if properly matched.

Send out that message of self assurance!
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