Stylish Men at Mode Men "Men of the Year Award" 2012


The event took place at the exclusive Johnny Walker Lounge in Nigeria. The event sponsored by Johnny Walker was attended by stylish and fashionable men in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Its a formal event so except to see more of suits and blazers after the cut. You can score them.....

Why black all round? Experiment with colours

 I think the shade of colour here is the problem (above). He should have opted for another Jacket colour.... like navy blue.

 I like this (above). He exhume confidence. I like white formal shirt under a suit jacket. Its a classic and i don't see it fading.

 This i like (above) but am having a problem with the black shirt...

 I think the problem (above) is how he posed.......and the tie. Would have been better with no tie.

Images sourced from bellanaija

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