Men's Plain White T-Shirt: A Wardrobe Necessity

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In menswear, there are countless number of homogenous products… but none as iconic as the white tee. The plain white t-shirt is the single most versatile garment in man's wardrobe. Call it an all purpose purchase, one that look good on anyone, as long as it is clean and it fits- not too tight, not too long at the waist.

Initially they are created to be an undershirt; it wouldn't be an undershirt if you didn't wear it under anything. Besides brands like American apparel, Emporior Armani, Paul Smith are making plain white t-shirt that are not meant to be undershirt.

Why You Need It
As I said earlier, they are versatile piece of menswear that is flattering to most body types. If you do not have a chest built to fit a shirt, wear it under a button down shirt or tailored jacket. Ideally you need a t-shirt that is perfect for wearing on its own.

There are fashion trends and pieces that do not have any hope no matter what kind of effort you put in in order to look good but the plain white tee is not included here. All you need is to just work on that body of yours for a super fit so that it can work well as a minimalist piece or when styled up.

Before Buying One
Foremost, when choosing your plain white tee it is important you consider how you choose to wear it. Do you require a slim or baggy fit? (I prefer slim fit), do you prefer short or long sleeve? Do you prefer a high or low neckline? Do you prefer a Crew or V-neck? Do you prefer a tee that is made in heavy/light/sheer cotton? There are lots of factor to consider when choosing, although not important to everyone but they may be important to you.

As said earlier, I prefer slim fit and it doesn't have to suffocate you at all, but it has to fit to match your body even if you have a big belly. A fit is better than a tee that makes you look like a hanger.

How To Wear It
Pair your plain white t-shirt with dark coloured jeans, chinos and even casual shorts. Again not too tight and not too loose either. Wear good looking shoes that will catch people's attention around you. Shoes should be clean and give importance to this if you want to look good in white tees.
You can also pair your clean, crisp white v-neck tee with a blazer or sport coat or act as a layer under your button down or polo shirt.

Final Word
The other day I heard someone saying you can't wear a white tee to a social event, which I agree with. But you can wear it to a social event if paired with a stunning blazer; accessorize the look with
bracelet, wristwatch, tiny silver or white gold necklace (to add to the clean, shiny look), sunglasses or even a hat.

A plain white tee can be dressed up beyond its basic nature, creating a distinguished and easy to wear look in your wardrobe. Remember do not forget to consider the fabric quality, t-shirt fit and size
Your comments and opinions are welcome.
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