Men's Guide To NeckTies


Ties are statement of the man who wears them. Although it is a small piece of garment and it can earn you points in the stylish man league if worn properly. Men ties come in all sort of design options including colours, shapes, sizes and materials. The tie you select depends on your style.

Men frequently wear them at formal events and workplace. They are finishing touch to your ensemble and need to be selected carefully. Look for ties that reflect an image you want to create or a statement you want to make. When selecting one you need to think about the patterns and colours of the suits and shirts you will be wearing with it, colours and patterns that will compliment more than one suit and shirt of yours. 

The colour of tie that is worn will stand for the man who is wearing it. If you are selecting a tie to go with a dark suit, a lighter coloured tie is a safe bet while a lighter shirt will show off a dark tie nicely. A solid coloured tie is a good choice for both stripped and patterned shirts. Solid coloured ties will always be a valuable asset because it can be worn daily, anywhere as well as for an elegant evening. Loud coloured ties are considered for those in the entertainment industry.

A black tie with a white shirt is a very classic combination that will likely be around forever. They are considered the most prominent and conventional colour of ties hence it carries formality and superiority characteristics. If you only have few ties, you shouldn’t go for extremely odd-patterned ties. Instead, go for bold and simple patterns. Depending on the type of person you are, you will want to buy something to match your style. Most of all the choice of tie is a personal decision and the tie you select should be one you are comfortable with. 

Skinny ties? Yes they are trendy. I like the slimmer ones not the super skinny. Most men do consider the slimmer tie because they are versatile in accommodating both formal and semi-formal events. My advice is; your tie width should be proportional to your body type, dress shirt and tie knot. Also balancing the width of the tie against your lapels and shirt colour is important.

Always buy a tie of the correct length. Tall men should wear a longer tie. The tip of your tie should be just above your belt buckle. Make sure the skinny portion of your tie is not showing, you can run it through the loop on the back of the main part of the tie and use a pin to hold it down properly.  

Take your time in examining the tie fabric. Ties should be either a silk polyester blend or silk though there is hand knitted ties. Ties that are hand stitched with the same fabric on the inside as the outside are generally considers quality ties. Remember to use necktie accessories like tie clips and bars, tie pins and tie chains to look more stylish.

Final words
Always consider buying ties that are versatile and can match most of your shirts and suits. This obviously depends on your financial capability. Your type of style has to be consistent with your suits and the rest of your attires.

I recommend that you spend little more and buy quality instead of quantity. Remember wearing a quality silk tie properly tied and fastened is probably the fastest way to improve the overall appearance and doubling your chances of leaving a favourable impression.

One word of warning: never wear a matching shirt and tie. 

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