Men's Fashion Going Feminine?

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Men latest fashion seems to be linking and developing towards what women are wearing. Men's fashion designs now have female inspired touches on them. Men's fashion has always been considered stodgy and
old in comparison to the work that is done for women clothing. Wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is now considered boring and too casual.
It is believed that men's fashion has been safe, boring and lacked creativity unlike the women's fashion that is fast, ever changing and lot more appealing. Fashion editors are encouraging men to tap into their unfeminine side by being creative and experimental with their outfits.

Men's fashion now embraces decorative, colourful elements. Young men now prefer trouser hem below their ankles, suit jackets over their behind, casual shorts length above the knee and jeans becoming
skinnier. Men now want a more polished look, it is said that men fashion is going toward a more "European" standard which means clothes that fit closer to the body and well tailored.

Suits are becoming colourful. Accessories are becoming everyday thing for men. Everything from bags, scarves, caps, glasses, etc…. you now see men walking with bag unlike 4-5 years ago. Fabrics are becoming softer, more smooth and transparent, also you see deep V-neck showing
more and more skin.

My opinion
Challenge yourself a bit more when it comes to dressing. You don't have to be dressed in one colour from head to toe. Mix colours, prints and fabrics if you can. I think street culture and sporty look will continue to have a big influence on menswear.

Be careful when experimenting with colours you sure don't want to look like a masquerade.
Feel free to let me know your opinion or any questions you may have by commenting below
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  2. Fashion has no gender, I think men should not be afraid.

    1. yeah, we should not be afraid to showcase our style. Thank you for your comment and time.

  3. Males should have at the very least, the same variety of menswear historical fashions that is offered to cross-dressing females the last fifty years in the West. Why should females , as transvestites , have much more menswear freedom than males ? Simply switch the gender freedom to males in the world of fashion to see how equally ridiculous this sexism is !