What To Wear In Hot Weather


A friend of mine complained on twitter about the intensity of the scorching sun and I find myself advising him on what and what to wear in the harsh weather condition; which I will be sharing in this piece.

In hot weather condition, you need functional and stylish clothing, clothing that will keep you cool. When
dressing for this kind of weather condition you need to think about the colour, texture, pattern and accessories before donning the outfit.

Looking stylish is as much about small, deliberate gestures as it is anything else. The difference between stylish and just functional could be as small as a different belt or the pocket square.
Consider these characteristics when choosing what to wear in the hot weather:

Light Weight
The less grams of textile piled up on your skin, the easier it is for air to circulate. Am sure you want to encourage airflow so that the sweat on your skin evaporates. Linen and cotton are good examples of light weight textile. 

This is just as important as light weight. Fabric that doesn’t breathe well will trap both sweat and hot air near your skin, which will make you uncomfortable. Wool, cotton and linen are good examples but it all depends on how they are weaved.

Protective Clothing
Long sleeves are more cooling than short sleeves in the right condition. Apart from the cooling it also protects the skin from direct sunlight. Even dark skin men need to protect their skin regardless of whether their skin can burn or not. 

Fez caps, hats and sunglasses will do you so much good in hot weather. Embrace light colours, light colours reflect light and dark colours absorb light and heat. Try to avoid colours that show more sweat than anything else, light blue is an example.

Final Words
Loosen up, it allows air flow as you move about. When I say loose up I do not mean you should wear your clothing two sizes bigger! Tight clothing that hugs the body will not allow air to flow over the skin. When selecting what to wear in hot weather, always check the label to see what the garment is made from.

Do not forget your undershirt; always wear a 100% cotton undershirt. It protects from fabric staining antiperspirant and also protects your outer clothing from sweat damaging them (Ever thought of why your underwear spoils quickly? Sweat is the answer).

Make sure your headwear allow free flow of air and your sunglasses UV protective. Consider buying a nice smelling antiperspirant or deodorant; also do not forget your handkerchief.

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