Men's Shoe Guide 2

There are numerous styles of shoes out there but what is great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by sticking to a few. The last article on men shoe guide has to do with getting the right size of shoe and its significant effect on your foot health and general wellbeing. In this second part, it will cover about footwear generally and how to wear them.
I will like to expose you to the fact that quality shoe that fits well is a worthy investment and the right shoe for the right situation or occasion can elevate your personal style and comfort. One shoe I think every man should own is a black lace-up. You can dress it up or down and works for everything from jeans to suits.

Oxford: You need shoes with laces like Oxford when you are wearing a nice suit or a tuxedo. One important rule I learnt is that: The more dressed up you are, the thinner the soles of your men's dress shoes should be. A black shoe with shiny leather should be a staple in your wardrobe for formal events.

Loafers: Dress pant, sport coats, blazers, business suits and sweaters all work well with loafers. Similar men casual clothing also works well with loafers. If you want to wear them to your workplace, a black
or brown coloured loafer is the safest bet.

Slip-Ons: Men's slip-ons are casual shoes that you can put on quickly. These are shoes you will love when you are in a hurry or when you do not need to make too much effort. Slip ons can be your sporty canvas
shoes, comfortable clogs or nice leather shoes, e.g. tassel loafers, moccasin, and boat shoes. They fit perfectly well with your jeans or chinos. Dress pants also.

Athletic Inspired: These are not your gym shoes. Shoes you can wear when hanging out or running an errand. They are more about fashion than function. They fit well with your jeans, cargo shorts or casual
shorts. Examples are Converse All Star, Martin Margela Electric blue sneakers, Lacoste Ibiza sneakers, Aldo, Sketchers, etc.

Athletic: These are running or walking shoes. If you plan to exercise lightly each morning, a pair of walking shoes will do. Be sure to find men's running shoes that have plenty of support for your ankles and heels before running long distance.

Sandal: Sandals are good for hot weather. You will want to have a few pairs of men's sandals in your wardrobe. Shorts, Chinos or dress pants will do with sandals.

Final Words
Buy the right shoe for the occasion, buy quality, never sacrifice proper fit and comfort and take care of your shoes.
If you invest in a handful of sensible and stylish pairs and take good care of them, you will be set for years. You don't always need to buy Gucci or Prada (if you can't afford them). There are quality shoes out there that are not Gucci or Prada; you just need to take the first step.
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