Men Sleeveless Denim Jacket: All You Need To Know

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Men sleeveless denim jackets are bang on trend at the moment. They are definitely a wardrobe staple right now. One of the reasons they have transformed into a fashion staple is because they are so practical, no matter your style they can work with your entire wardrobe.

They are versatile stylish jackets that exude an effortless air of rugged masculinity and machismo. Since its work right with most outfits, be sure it is something you can pull off.

How to wear it
Knowing how to wear your sleeveless denim jacket will allow you to create great outfits with them and look very stylish. They come in different washes such as stone wash, acid jeans wash, etc, so be careful when choosing what to wear with it.

You can create a fun-edgy look by throwing it over your fav shirt, t-shirt or a long sleeve tee pulled to the elbow. I really love sleeveless denim jacket over a plain white t-shirt. It looks simple, fantastic, casual, yet stylish. It looks great over a black tee also but with white tee…. Awesome!

Thinking of what to wear on your bottom half with it? Your safest bet is to put on some nice chinos. One of the rules of wearing denim jacket is "never 'double up' on denim". That is if you are wearing a denim jacket, no denim jeans or shirts but the old rules of dressing no longer apply for so many people and am one of them.

If you want to mix up denims, you need to keep a contrast by mixing up the washes, shades or colours. Extremely dark wash jeans and a faded sleeveless denim jacket is a good example.

Another denim rule is 'never wear your jacket with shorts'. As I said earlier, the old rules of dressing no longer apply to some people. You can get creative with it, ever thought of wearing your sleeveless denim jacket with a knee length shorts? (Different shades of course).

Sleeveless denim jacket are casual wears so should be the footwear. Casual footwear like Adidas Ciero, Chuck Taylor's Converse or Gucci 'Rebound Mid' will do. Loafers can also do the job depending on the
kind of look you want.

Final Word
Do not wear them too often, unless you want to be referred to as 'the sleeveless denim jacket guy'. To preserve the wash, treat them the way you treat your pair of jeans and wash infrequently.
Double denim is very in vogue at the moment, so do not let any traditional rule of dressing hold you back. As long as you combine the shades well and looking good. You are good to go!

Feel free to drop your comment or opinion below. Thanks
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  1. Nice impressive blog. I feel this denim jacket is not trendy and old fashion.But the suggestions to pair those jackets with dark stone washed chinos is good. I too love tat and have attired in such combinations at many important occasions.

    1. Thanks for the comment. When it comes to clothing, you can make old school attire trendy again. It all boils down to how you pair it which you agreed to.

      Most clothing attire in trend now are mostly redefined from the so called 'old school'

  2. Thank you for sharing. I wasn't going to comment until I saw your last paragraph which states to NOT wear this jacket too often, which I completely agree with. I usually buy mens clothing in Burlington MA at Giblees because I like the sophisticated look but this is fun for the weekend, maybe a concert or drinks.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is not your first comment, right? I really appreciate your time for reading and posting a comment.

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