Styles You Should Avoid In The Workplace


How you dress for work certainly depends on what it is that you do for a living, you can just follow some simple guidelines to avoid some embarrassing dress related faux pas in the workplace. The formal office place usually offers little in the way of clothing options for men.

Men are traditionally relegated to the simple basics of a shirt and tie. Starting off with the shirt, a long sleeve collared button down is traditional. Formal work environments will often require a matching tie. It's best to stick with a muted style.
Never come to work in a shirt that isn't pressed. Few things say more about you in the office place than your appearance and a wrinkled shirt won't do you any favour. It's also important to avoid un-tucked shirts and loud color combinations when working in a formal office work environment.

Also, going without a belt is something to be avoided as it too can impart a slovenly look. You should always stay away from wearing jeans when in the formal office place, even if they are of the dressy variety. Instead you should opt for a nice pair of trousers. Dark colours or grey will work depending on the rest of the outfit. As far as footwear goes, stay away from anything less than a formal dress shoe. You should wear the same belt colour with your shoe.

Shoes and Belts
Many offices are beginning to place employee comfort ahead of formal style. The result is casual business attire. Button down shirts minus the tie are common for business casual offices. But un-tucked shirts are once again not recommended and you should stay away from t-shirts altogether. Much like the formal office place, dark trousers are acceptable.

Once again, however, you'll want to stay away from all varieties of denim. Depending on your company's definition of business casual, polo shirts may also fit the bill. However, the same rules apply as with button downs, don't wear your polo's un-tucked. And while your business casual office may not require the high gloss from a pair of dress shoes, you should still stay away from sneakers or anything that isn't leaning toward formal. Regardless of your organizations dress code, you never want to show up for work in ripped jeans, t-shirts, track pants, flip-flops, or hats.

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Additionally, big headed wrist watch should be avoided. A simple bracelet can add to your style, preferably a dark colour. 

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Don't pull items out of the hamper that haven't been washed or ironed. The key is to remember that while the word casual is in the description, it comes after the word business. While it may seem daunting at first, dressing for success in either a formal or business casual office place is pretty simple when you know what it expected of you. Double check with your employee handbook and follow the simple guidelines we just went over and you should be okay.

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