Awesomeness of Men's Casual Shorts

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I never use to be a big fan of men's casual shorts, but this time around I have found a whole new appreciation for them. Shorts are casual piece of men's wear. They are a modern addition to a man's
wardrobe, though they are still finding acceptance. I know some people who will not wear shorts under any
circumstances (I use to be one) but gone are those days that you think shorts are relegated to the school
yard. I think it can fit anyone looking for the right style.

Where and when can you wear them?
You sure don't want to wear them when it is cold outside. Wear them when it is hot enough. You can do shorts when on recreation with family and friends. Beaches, private parties, outdoor sports, and anything purely for fun. Never do shorts to business dealing or formal events unless it's the dress code which I doubt will ever be.

How to wear them
Men's shorts can be as dressy as that pair of trousers or jeans you like so much. I think you should start by getting the length right. It should fit immaculately and hit at the right length in proportion to your height. Most guys looks great when shorts hit just above the knee and are cut slim around the leg (am not talking about the carrot or scrunched-tight look so don't get me wrong). This length and fit looks modern and clean.

You should pay attention to the fit, fabric and design before donning them. Shorts are casual, so should be the shirt too. Just be sure to balance out your look with a polo shirt or plain tee. You can also
pair them with a long sleeve shirt, sleeves neatly folded lil' bit below your elbow, mostly tucked is a good idea but in few cases untucked.

With blazers or sport jackets?
Your choice but I do not support it. I once saw a picture of a young man wearing shorts with a blazer and it
looks great on him but might not on you. Besides blazers and suit jackets are for formal events, if an event is formal enough for a blazer then you should wear a pant.

Thinking of what kind of footwear to pair it with? 
Choose your footwear carefully. A loafers or boat shoe will do the magic. Sneakers like Adidas Ciero will also fit perfectly but that will be on either a polo shirt or tee. Flip flops? Nah! Unless you want to get a pack of whatever in the store across or down your street.

Hell no! If you cannot do without socks, wears dark coloured socks that won't show above the knee but I do not fully support it.

You have chicken legs (lol) and afraid to wear shorts? Loose those baggy or loose fit tees as they will only exaggerate how skinny your legs are. This is a common mistake with guys -- they think they're
hiding it, but the unbalanced proportions only highlight it. Instead choose shorts and cloths that will fit your skinny frame, as everything will look balanced. Choose shorts that fit just below the
knee or knee length, since the more leg you show, the more you'll be highlighting them.

Final Word
Don't be one of those guys who wear really short shorts and doesn't care that his boxers are peeking out the bottom. And don't wear really long ones, either, since those are not, in fact, shorts but short
pants. There's a big difference.

Lest I forget, your belt and accessories choose them carefully. Just make sure you wear them right!

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  1. discount mens shorts, has a smooth feel to it, only draw back is that it is a little short for my liking but overall is good.

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