AkbarSleek FootWear


Footwear is solely created to protect and comfort the human foot but there is more to that than just the comfort and protection. Fashionable men and women wear footwear that makes a statement. To make that statement, you must wear a well designed footwear. This is where Akbar footwear range comes in with its clean, simple and beautiful design.

AkbarSleek Shoes

The AkbarSleek Shoes for Men are versatile and without any pesky laces to tackles. They are constructed form high quality tanned and suede leather which are plain in style. The shoe soles are very durable to prevent wearing off, it is important to note that it provides enough friction with the floor to prevent the wearer from slipping. These shoes can pass for a formal and casual wear. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes.


AkbarSleek Slips

 The AkbarSleek slippers for both sexes are extremely flexible and provide a high level of wearing comfort. They are either made out of high quality tanned leather or synthetic materials that are light, very comfortable and insulating. AkbarSleek slippers can be worn when ‘hanging out’ in the nearby street or area, making a short trip or small errand, casual evening wears, etc.  They are easy to maintain and come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.



With Akbar, you can customize your footwear to suit your taste.
Call 07036077268, 08033625424 or add 323ECA0A to your Blackberry contact to order for yours at an affordable price. 

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