Styling is something that comes naturally. But for some people, they learn new styles from other people by observing them; how they are dressed up and color of their clothes, etc. Styling always differ from person to person but jewelry or accessory can be same for many people. So it becomes very crucial to understand how one can stand different from other in style and what kind of points one must keep in mind while purchasing unisex bracelet for having a complete new look.

As we all know, markets are filled with many kinds of bracelet with different and unique styles. But the one must look out for something new and creative to get the best and most innovative fashion.

1) Look for something that will stay with you for longer time: Since the stores are filled with many kinds of bracelet made from different material but the ones made from metal are the one that will be stay with you for much longer time period as they provide durability and strength.

2) Getting the right size: This is very important. Wrong size of bracelet will make you uncomfortable which could ruin style and confidence.

3) Get right match: Having huge collection of jewelry is not important but right match is more important as this piece of jewelry can add lot to your style and enhance your personality.

4) Skin friendly: As we all know that some people have sensitive skin which might get infected with certain kind metal, so choosing the right material is also very important.

So to conclude this, buying a unique and fresh bracelet should not be made complicated and one must keep in mind some facts which would assist in picking the right choice and what you desired.

Thomas is the Co-Founder of Folsom & Co. He started Folsom & Co. after following his passion of designing and creating new watches for all generations. His mission is to build a leading brand which makes watches a must wear accessory for everyone. Thomas works closely with designs that are inspired by San Francisco. All the watches are made of quality materials to get a nicely finished end-product at an affordable price.

Canadian rapper Drake is one of the most popular music artists in the world at the moment, but only is his music massively popular, GQ magazine have also named Drake the best dressed male in the world. Over the past few years, he has developed a unique look which combines London streetwear, with classic American sportswear, and smart outfits for the fancier occasions. So, if you are wanting to take some inspiration from the best dressed man in the world, then take a look at the 4 outfits the man from the ‘6’ has worn over the past year.

Stay in Tone
Drake is someone who is never shy of showing himself in public places, and when he isn’t performing at one of his shows, you will probably find him at the home of his beloved basketball team the Toronto Raptors. When Drake is at courtside, he certainly makes sure that he looks the part – and on this occasion he didn’t let us down. He chose to pull out a grey piece from his collection of track jackets, and he teamed it with a plain white tee, grey jeans and white pair of Jordan.

4 Outfits to Wear if You Want to Dress Like Drake- Track Jacket

Souvenir Jackets
This year, we have seen all the biggest celebrities following the huge trend of souvenir jackets, and with the jacket fitting in with Drakes typical wardrobe choices, it was no surprise seeing him pull one off in the streets of Los Angeles. If you’re wanting to follow suit, go for a pair of chunky brown Timberland boots, white t-shirt and black jeans.

Football Tee
As well as being an avid follower of basketball, Drake is also a big fan of football too. He has some high profile friends who play the sport including Paul Pogba, Daniel Sturridge and Mario Balotelli. Drake certainly likes to show his support to these guys by pulling out his football collection from time-to-time, and if you feel like doing the same, then put the outfit together with a pair of grey sweatpants and Air Max trainers.

Top-to-Toe Tracksuit
When Drake was last visiting the UK, he chose to show off his London streetwear inspired outfits and was seen at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in a plain, yet massively effective tracksuit which caught the attention of a lot people in the fashion industry. The navy blue sweatshirt with matching joggers and the longline white t-shirt underneath was finished off with a pair of white sneakers. If you are wanting to take your own spin on this look without completely copying the outfit, there are a great selection of white hoodies and matching joggers you can wear that still sticks with the Drake theme.

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Why Should You Go With Handmade British Cheaney Footwear

A perfect pair of shoes complements your outer appearance. Whether you are getting ready for your office or heading out for a party, choosing the perfect pair of shoes is very crucial as it can unveil a lot about your persona. Just like choosing the right pair of shoes can make your appearance dashing and can endow a lustrous finishing touch to your appearance, a wrong pair of shoes can be the reason for fashion disaster! You might have decked up in your best attire with the perfect accessories, but choosing a wrong pair of shoes can entirely ruin your appearance!

Handmade British Cheaney footwear has come up with a huge collection of high quality, uniquely designed, customized shoes just for you to give your appearance a stylish and dapper look. Read on to know why you should fall in love with this handmade customized footwear!

Get As You Want It
Usually, the ready-made foot wears are made as per the most common standards of shapes and sizes. You can find many instances, where many people can’t find the perfect pair of right sized shoes. As a result, they have to adjust with wrong sized shoes that cause health hazards, as well as they don’t feel comfortable at all. Customized shoes can be an ideal solution to this problem.
In the case of customized handmade shoes, product individuality is the main factor. According to any individual's feet size, handcrafted shoes are made. So, you can get your pair of shoes exactly in the way you want it. Feels perfect, isn't it?
Why Should You Go With Handmade British Cheaney Footwear?- Making

Top Notch Quality Material
Well, in the case of readymade shoes, products are made in a bulk amount at a time. So, you can understand that to make the manufacturing process profitable, various materials of various qualities are used. From leathers to cheaper quality material – anything can be used according to the suitability of the production machines.
On the contrary, handmade British Cheaney footwear ensures that you will get the best products made of best quality material. In the case of handcrafted shoes, you have the liberty to choose the material. Moreover, each pair of shoes is made with utmost care that makes them stronger from the readymade ones and ensures longer durability.
Why Should You Go With Handmade British Cheaney Footwear?- Top notch material

Designed Just For You
Looking for such a pair of shoes that is only owned by you? Well, if you go with handcrafted customized shoes, you can get this lucrative opportunity. Handmade British Cheaney footwear offers a handful collection of shoes with various designs. Choose any design that perfectly suits your persona and gives you the utmost comfort after wearing it. If you have any particular design in your mind, the exceptionally talented shoemakers can give a shape to your thought as well with their sheer expertise
As readymade shoes are made in bulk production, most of the shoes have similar kind of patterns and design. If you go with handcrafted shoes, you can enjoy the uniqueness of the design of your footwear.

So, what you are waiting for! Want to brandish your unparallel sense in contemporary fashion? Well, go with handcrafted customized footwear to make your outer appearance bold and flamboyant.

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Upgrade Your Style Game With Stunning Diesel Shirts

Diesel, the Italian luxury label was founded in the year 1978 by Renzo Rosso & Adriano Goldschmied. But later on, the brand was fully acquired by Renzo. The label is known for its apparel range and for bringing about a revolution in the fashion domain. Introducing casual clothing range in luxury segment, their idea became a huge success and today the brand is a global lifestyle company serving worldwide clientele with its presence in major cities and countries.
The apparel range by Diesel offers denim, jackets, coats, pants & shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, polos, t-shirts & more for men and dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, sweaters & t-shirts for women. The Diesel shirts collection is the timeless staple for every day cool. The women collection features floral print, embroidery, check pattern wrap style, sheer, denim, colorful abstract print, laces, Victorian sleeves and collar. I personally loved the range as it is very unique and attractive with styles which I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Upgrade Your Style Game With Stunning Diesel Shirts

The men shirting range features contemporary styles; check pattern, stripes, polka dots, color blocked, animal print and etc. They are comfortable, airy and stylish enough to wear almost everywhere. They are not even too pricey so they will be easy on the pocket. Plus the range is distinctive which is what I like the most. You can buy them at the official store of the company or online stores.

Innovations has improved our lives beautifully. One very simple example is made clear by an outfit accessory as simple as ties. When the world took the design of ties for granted for ages and ages, it is then someone, who felt the urge to save oneself from the hassles of tying the tie, thought of coming up with zipper ties. Now here we have a huge market catering to the need for Australian zipper ties. These zipper ties have been at the rescue of those who struggle hard to get a perfect tie-knot. Men and women who use these ties for their power dressing cannot be more gratified than now. Still the reasons why zipper ties are better than the ordinary ties are more. Read on to find out.

When all you have to do is adjust: If you choose to wear zipper ties, think of the time and efforts that you would be saving for yourself. As you would not be required to knot the tie which could be – tough, time-consuming, etc. Getting the burden of knotting a tie off from your shoulders can make your life less chaotic especially when you are dressing up. And wait, think about the time when you are running late for a very important meeting. Just imagine how easily you can cope with putting on the tie with Australian zipper ties.      

When you fumble when knotting a tie: Not everyone knows how to tie the tie in an impeccable manner. Even the pro ones can find themselves in situations when they end up fumbling with tying the tie. In such cases, zipper ties have never disappointed anyone. As these ties feature a flawless knot, the hassles of tying the tie no longer exist. As soon as you put them on, you are good to go. A matter of a few seconds, you see. Are they not an incredibly good concept to embrace for the times when you are sick and tired of or have no extra time to tie the tie?

Days when you want to spend less time on dressing up: there are days when you have an important meeting for which you need to focus more on the preparation than on your appearance, zipper ties can prove to be a blessing. These ties would let you be ready for the day in split seconds. Basically, it is tying the tie that takes more time as against slipping on shoes, tying the laces and putting on shirt, pants, coat, etc., etc. With regular ties, it could take a bit longer than what the case should be. So, it makes sense to have zipper ties and save yourself from that embarrassing one-minute delay, etc.  

Tying the ordinary tie is not a child’s play, especially when you know nothing about how different combinations of size, symmetry and shape can have an impact on the knot of the tie. It is a truth universally acknowledged that ties do add a distinct character to your personality. So, not choosing to wear them is not a solution if in case you struggle with knots. But don’t worry as long as you have an option to wear easy-to-wear, easy-to-adjust zipper ties. Complete your dapper look with zipper ties and swagger with a refined elegance even if your tying the tie skills are not so good.    

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Most of the musicians are seriously focused on their style and fashion when they appear in front of a crowd for live performance. Obviously, music concerts are a great place for the musicians to show off their skills in style and fashion. Generally, fans try to emulate the fashion and style of their favorite singers. Musicians are aware of it and they spend a good amount of time to look good.
The way a music popstar dress for concerts is important because this style would emulated by fans. Different fashion trends are famous for pop concerts, metal & rock concerts, hip hop, country and outdoor festivals. Following are some awesome ways to be stylish at music concerts:
Don't Wear Fancy Dress
Concerts are places where you can take the freedom to put across your style, accessorize and obviously connect with your passion. However, remember that you are a celebrity and you cannot irritate your fans by wearing fancy dress. None of your viewers expect fancy dress from you since you are a grown up person and there are a lot of people who wish to emulate you.

Do Your Hair and Makeup
Doing your hair and makeup complement your overall outfit. It also make stylish but make sure that you don’t do it overly. Makeup on your lips and on the top of your eyelash line is enough to make your look stylish. Hair should always be polished and comb it stylishly.

Choose Comfortable Wears
Concerts are an enjoyable platform for all sorts of people. If you dress up neatly, you will definitely look gorgeous. Wearing short, tight & shining midriff tops and off the shoulder tops may make you look marvelous but think if it gives you comfortable mind.  For a lot of people, the dress code remains pretty tranquil and they generally dress in anything that is stylish and comfortable. They also don’t worry about their clothing whilst dancing because they know what to wear and what not to wear at a music concert.

Avoid Awkward Look
Making a decision on what to wear to a concert can be a demanding job to a lot of people. When you look for music concerts tickets next time, you have to consider many things to be stylish and remember that the wrong selection can leave you feeling awkward. Your dress code and choosing of accessories has to be apt, stylish and sensible. Wearing high heels may seem to be grand but think whether you can dance by using them all night. If you wear jeans and boots to a music concert, then it will be perfect and chic as well.

Don’t Get Too Childish
Fashion and being stylish doesn’t denote getting too childish. You cannot become childish when you choose a dress and other accessories. Think about dresses and ornaments that bring life into your outfit in a young looking and fresh way. Make sure to maintain things from getting too childish. Wearing a jacket and a pair of low to mid-height heels will make you comfortable and at the same time stylish too.  Don’t do makeup overly and make it be light, bright and basically shining.

Boots Always Look Perfect
A lot of people think that boots are a more traditional choice but keep in mind that boots are still very stylish. People love to wear boots because they are comfortable, fashionable, and look magnificent with any kind of cloth that you wear including jeans. Being stylish at a music concert depends on many features especially it starts from choosing your shoes to opting for right glasses.  Since, concerts are alive with loud music, noisy crowd and copious numbers of dancing; boots appears to be apt choice. Boots look just right when you wear jeans with them.

Choose Perfect Outfit
When dressing for a concert, quite a few aspects decide your style and fashion. Wear something comforting yet looking audacious and stunning. Try to wear bright colored clothes and wear jeans, blazers, blouses with bright stripes and fitted dresses. You can also think of wearing loose, light and short clothing in order that you don’t get annoyed by the sweat while dancing with loud music. Add a few accessories to your look. Wear jewelry to match the style of shirt, pants or skirt, and shoes you have selected.

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There are few very common mistakes that sound very small but can ruin the entire look of a man. Even if you get everything else right, these blunders can turn all your efforts fruitless. Fixing these mistakes is the most important part of fashion. These mistakes are so minute that it becomes difficult to figure out exactly where you went wrong. The phrase, "prevention is better than cure", applies here as well. It is better to avoid them as it might get difficult to fix them once they are committed.

These basic mistakes that render the entire look are listed below.

1. Baggy clothes
Wearing clothes that don't fit are the most common mistake among men. You must have come across situations when you wonder why a particular cloth doesn't look as good on as it is looking on others. The reason behind this is the wrong fit of the same. So, then next time you face this problem consider changing the size rather than the outfit. Not only this, properly fitting clothes is important for feeling comfortable. Right from your undergarment to the jacket or coat that you are wearing, everything should fit you perfectly.  

2. Footwear
The footwear is the reflection of the personality of a person. Wearing something that does not match your outfit is a blunder that most of the guys commit. Clean shoes can effortlessly add a spark to your look and outfit. Wear a pair of clean as well as well-polished shoes and you can figure out the difference that it brings to look yourself. Even if you are going for a casual sneaker or sports shoes it should at least be scratch as well as dirt free.
Men's Tip: Basic Fashion Mistakes That Every Man Can Avoid

3. Wrinkled clothes
It need not be mentioned that men are lazy when it comes to getting ready. This is the reason why most men resort to wearing a shirt that is not neatly ironed. Keep your clothes pressed and hang them in the wardrobe, instead of just throwing them. This will help you keep them unwrinkled.

4. Accessories
There are not many options for men, in terms of accessories. Still, you are required to be careful while matching them with your outfit. Wearing a casual watch with your formal outfit or pairing a polished leather belt with sneakers, are few of the mistakes that you commit without even realizing. Always wear a shiny belt when you are wearing leather formal shoes. Avoid using colorful and showy bracelets, wristwatches when you are at work.
Men's Tip: Basic Fashion Mistakes That Every Man Can Avoid

5. Undergarment
The various types of underwear that you are wearing affect your style equally. Every type has got its own significance. Thus choose the design of undergarment clothing according to the occasion. Along with the style, size is equally important as mentioned above. Your undergarment should neither be too loose nor very tight. The impression of underneath apparel visible through the outfit seems tacky. Hence, carefully choose the color of the same.

Along with the things that you are wearing, even you need to look good and smell good. Use a long-lasting cologne. Just take care of these basic fashion mistakes and you will be able to pull out the most attention grabbing look

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Fashion is not just limited to women. The word means different things to different people across different parts of the world. Talking about the west, fashion is as important to men as women. Gone are the days when you would see men clad in baggy jeans and the same white t-shirt day after day. For today’s progressive men, fashion is about looking perfect in all senses. Even if it is about the just-out-of-bed look, they’ll make sure it is faultless.

Celebrating this love of fashion amongst men, we’re lining out a list of the best dressed men in 2016. These are those handsome earthlings who’ve made several women go weak in the knees and men turn green, with their unconventional and sassy sense of style this year.

1.  Chace Crawford

Known for this debonair style and drop-dead dashing looks, Chace Crawford has won a million hearts this year. He has a very cool sense of fashion that radiates the old Hollywood charm a lot of times. At an event this year, this Gossip Girl star left everyone awestruck with this black suit, crisp white shirt, and just-the-right shoes. With his hair slicked back, Chace made a classic fashion statement. You can cheat this look by getting a similar suit from brands like Burberry. Also, don’t forget to fasten a quirky watch around your wrist. You can check out the stunning Swedish watch, Sand Twain Wristband by TID Watches.

2. Kanye West

He’s the man of music and fashion both. Be it his rap about Louboutin or his red-carpet look at the Met Gala, Kanye nails it all. He has a quirky and unique sense of style – that definitely makes him the fashion icon for men to follow this year. This man is a master of the art of accessorizing. He has an impeccable collection of wristwatches, most of which are Rolexes. Inspired by this look? Go ahead and get a pair of black leather pants. Team these up with a baggy t-shirt and throw a black-fitted blazer over your shoulders. For the accessory, get yourself a nice wristwatch. If Rolex is something out of your budget, check out the Dome Gold wristwatch by the Aark Collective. It is a beautiful telltale that’ll add great style to your look.

3. Ian Somerhalder

Probably the hottest actor in the history of American television, Ian Somerhalder has a brilliant sense of style. He is known for the coolest off-duty look where you would see him in the most casual t-shirts and denims. This Vampire Diaries star’s fashion sense is at its best at the red-carpet events. He’s often seen wearing the smartest formal suits teamed up with a minimal wristwatch. If you want to borrow his eye for wristwatches, you must check out the COA Studios collection!

4. David Beckham

When it comes to the best dressed men, how can we not mention David Beckham? By far, he’s the only football icon who has a riveting sense of fashion plus super-hot looks. Beckham has the most interesting and opulent collection of shoes, suits, and wristwatches. Talking about wristwatches in specific, this man has a quarter-million dollar collection. Be it about his love of funky hair-dos, hot tattoos or expensive wrist watches, Beckham knows how to strike the right chord. You can lay your hands on some of the coolest Beckham-inspired watches at Bravur Watches.

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Yes, the little boy from Harry Potter is one of the best dressed men of this year. Earlier this month he was spotted at the 'Extra' studios in New York City wearing a basic blue suit teamed with a striped maritime t-shirt. Isn’t that effortlessly stylish? You can steal this look from Daniel and add spunk of your own by wearing an accessory – a blue wristwatch from the Chi and Chi collection would go the best.

Make the most from this list of the best dressed men and stun everyone around you.

As they say “time and tide wait for no man”. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you keep track of time with a sophisticated watch that not only provides time but effortless style as well. Hypnotize the onlookers with dapper sense of style and innate chivalry.
Every one of us desires to own at least one good value for money watch that we are proud of. We, therefore, provide an ultimate guide to best watches for men without splashing out exuberantly. So, pick among the best watches for men that suits your pocket and style simultaneously.


This spectacular citizen watch for men is crafted for those who are class apart and take life as it comes. Whether you are in a meeting or up for some adventure, this Eco drive watch makes it totally durable and helps keep a track of time in style.


This is a must have accessory for every man. It is unlike any other watch, as it has a bit of adventure and sport appeal. If you are looking for something suave and elegant, then this is the one you must own.


Black dial and water resistant is a classy watch with an enviable array of features such as water resistance, light powered movement, crystal material sapphire, band material stainless steel makes this watch one to adorn in style.


Fossil watches for men in particular plays a decisive role in power dressing. A smart and enchanting appeal giving watch is a must buy for all the men out there who are style conscious and concerned highly about your look. Wearing this watch will certainly provide you with extra glamour quotient.


Wearing this watch will certainly provide you with extra glamour quotient. So, don’t think, get one now. This quart type movement in analog style will elevate your look immensely be it for boardroom or leisure.

Now, wear your style on your wrist. Have any comment? Please use the comment box below.

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